AvMed Recognized as a J.D. Power Customer Champion

Healthcare Provider Excels in Critical-to-Customer Drivers of Satisfaction

AvMed has been recognized as a J.D. Power Customer Champion. It is one of 50 companies to have earned this distinction in 2014. To be recognized as a J.D. Power 2014 Customer Champion, companies must not only excel within their own industry, but also must stand out among leading brands across numerous industries, including automotive, financial services, insurance, telecom, travel, healthcare, pharmacy, energy, and retail.

At AvMed, People Are the Difference

J.D. Power 2014 Customer Champions—such as AvMed—depend on their employees to satisfy customer needs and create lasting relationships that promote customer loyalty. Additionally, Customer Champions have strategies in place that ensure the right employees are employed to engage their customers. They understand what their customers want and anticipate their needs and trends as they evolve. This means J.D. Power 2014 Customer Champions put the right measurements in place, conduct the right analysis, and remain committed to taking action when necessary.

J.D. Power 2014 Customer Champions Deliver Service Excellence

To identify the J.D. Power 2014 Customer Champions, J.D. Power evaluated more than 600 brands across 17 industries. The 2014 Champions are recognized based on customer feedback, opinions, and perceptions gathered from J.D. Power’s customer satisfaction research in 2013. This year, AvMed is among the 50 brands within nine industry categories to have earned the Customer Champion distinction.

“In our line of business, working with members in matters of health, we never underestimate the power of human interaction and we try to make each encounter as memorable as possible. For us, the difference between good and great service is simple. Good service can provide satisfaction. Great service can provide hope.”
—Michael P. Gallagher, AvMed President and CEO

The J.D. Power 5 Ps

Today’s customers expect service providers to deliver in every way. They want the right people to serve them; the right packaging or presentation; a seamless and hassle-free process; a product that meets or exceeds their expectations; and they expect all of this at a reasonable price.

Each of the 50 J.D. Power 2014 Customer Champions has something in common: they do more than just deliver on the expectations of their customers—they exceed those expectations. In the process, they not only satisfy their customers, but also raise the standard for their entire industry.

Service Excellence:
Why it Matters

The J.D. Power 2014 Customer Champions represent an elite group of companies that focus on service excellence. These companies achieve notably higher levels of customer loyalty and personal recommendations (advocacy) among their customers, compared with companies whose service delivery is at or below industry norms. Customers of the J.D. Power 2014 Customer Champions are also much more vocal about referring these brands to others. In fact, customers refer these brands nearly twice as often to others than do customers of all the other 600+ brands measured.

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